February 2, 2009


This past week we had massive snow and freezing rain, my classes were cancelled, my car stuck in blocks of ice and everyone was talking about the "White Death" that visited us in Ohio. This past weekend I had plans to drive to Columbus for the weekend.
Last year, I bought Blue Jackets tickets for Geoff for Christmas. The weekend in March that we got in the car to drive to Columbus was the "White Death" weekend of last year. Columbus got over 20 inches of snow and we had the scariest 2 hour drive I have ever had. So when the snow started falling, I didn't know if I was going to be able to make the trek up this year. Luckily it calmed down by the weekend and the roads were good enough to drive. (Not great, but good enough.)

Friday night Courtney got tickets for a band she loooves- Paper Route. They were pretty good and they hang out with you after the concert too! Apparently they have a song on "The City" the past 2 weeks.

My Columbus girls!

Here with are with the lead singer of Paper Route

Saturday night was a banquet for my Honor Fraternity in college. It was our annual Founders Day- we have been around for 15 years! Go PSP!!! Here are a few from the night. (Pretty fun to see a bunch of people from college I don't get to see that often!)

Minus the fact that Sunday morning I had to get up at 5am to drive home to work- it was an amazing weekend! :)

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Courtney said...

awww cute pics!!!! You have to give me copies my love! I love it when you visit!