January 25, 2009

MY 4 day trip

I'm on my last 4 day trip for January. It's been a pretty nice trip actually with a good crew and overnights in Boston, NYC and Jacksonville (where I sit, typing this entry). I decided that I was going to take a few photos on my trip to show what my life is like on the road. I've had a mix of completely full flights and a few empty flights (a few with 7 and 10 people on board- its almost like getting free money since there is only so much to do with so few people.)

The plane next to ours in Boston at sunset.

The most popular drink on the plane by far!

Reflection in the window. (I'm hanging out in the back row right by the loo while all my passengers are in a lovely deep sleep.)

Flying at night.

In the Hallway

I have also had time to keep up with Week 1 training for my half marathon. The first few days were pretty easy! (Well not easy, but manageable) A few miles here, a few there and then long run 1 came. Ughhhh. Goal was 8 miles, I got to 6.25 with a popped blister and massive side cramps and called it a day. Pretty good overall since I dont really remember the last time I ran over 5 miles. If you are wondering, I decided to forgo the group since they run outside in freezing temps and just go my own- with a wonderful support group egging me on. Here is my training program from Runners World.

And after my long run, my crew and I ordered Chinese Food- nothing better than a little taste of China from NY. Yum!

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