December 7, 2008

Sales and Basketball

So this past week was very exciting!!! I had my first sale on Etsy!!! YAY! I did the happy dance around the house, packaged up my photo and sent it off. I used to get really nervous right before photo critiques in school. There would be a few minutes where I would look at my work and think about how much it sucked and what I would do if everyone hated it, even though I loved it. I had a minor freakout coming back from the post office but I know I love it so I hope my wonderful buyer loves it too. :)

Geoff and I got my parents tickets to the UK vs Lamar basketball game. This was Geoff's first UK game and we saw a winner! We got in town in time to have dinner with Kyle right before the game so it was an awesome night.

Hopefully we see many more wins this season! Have a great week everyone!


Cut Copy Create said...

congrats on your first sale :)

many more to come here's hoping :)

Kerri said...

Buyer here! It's on my wall in the family room! It's a precious reminder of our trip to bring our daughter home in 2006! LOVE IT! I am spreading the word about you so keep your camera ready!!! Have a great day!

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