November 15, 2008

My line and a trip to St. Louis.

Ok, for those of you who work for the airlines- you will understand this. For some streak of good luck (maybe I'm on Santa's good list this year) the scheduling God's awarded me with a LINE for December and Christmas day OFF!!! How this happened I really will never know. I guess a lot of people ahead of my bid really badly? I don't know and I don't care. After 26 months of grueling non stop reserve (think pager- on call 12 hrs a day, schedule always changing) I finally have one month of a line. I may never see it again, but I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Ok, so I had the weekend off, no plans and no flights to pick up. So I decided to hop on Geoff's flight and follow him to St. Louis for the day. Somehow we ended up in a hotel downtown- right across from the arch. (This was not so when I had my one St. Louis overnight last year) We got in early in the afternoon and decided to head over in the pouring rain and check out the Arch!
The view out the window!

Geoff and my very cute umbrella... totally looks straight right? ;)

Me being weird and trying to fly off into the wind...

To get to the top of the Arch, after standing in a pretty long line... you get into these TINY 5 person pods... no lie. If you are claustrophobic think twice! I didn't even take a photo because I would rather forget the cramped ride up. But once up you can look through the little slits of windows to the city down below!
Geoff and I

A few shots of the arch from outside the pods.

We walked up to The Loft District in the rain and got something to eat at KitchenK. I was too soaked and cold to take any more photos. So thats all you get. It was fun for a night in St. Louis!

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