November 13, 2008

Crazy and husband

It always happens during a full moon- the crazies come out to fly! However, yesterday we had one on my plane just for the fun of it.
Boarding in Tampa to fly back to Cincinnati. We have a full flight and since we are done when we get back, we are all trying to board as quickly as possible. Crazy and husband get on the plane about 5 people in. They arrive at their seats, stuff their bags in the overheads, switch seats with a friend, take bags out, stuff under the seat, take off jackets, back in the overhead, oh this one wont fit under the seat, back to overhead, finding blankets, where's the newspaper.... you get the point. They go through this 3 minute ritual with the passengers silently, eyes rolling, waiting in the aisle and me and my captain, fake grins on, mouth open wondering what these people are.

Finally we get everyone on and are up in the air. They other Flight Attendant and myself (who was awesome to work with btw) are back doing our service. I need a coffee, so as i head back to the galley, Crazy rings her call button. So I stop.
"Can I help you?"
"Do you see that plane over there? It's really close to us. Do you think the pilots know? Don't you think it's really close? Are we ok?"
I squat down and try my best to peer out the window at a plane I don't see over her and her husbands laps.
"Nope, I really don't see any plane."
"Don't you see that light?"
I look out again. You don't mean that blinking light at the end of the wing? No, ok good. Still I don't see any plane or light out your window.
"Look follow my finger, the light, it's over there." Then crazy grabs my head and pulls it towards hers. Inches away from her face, hands all over mine. Still I don't see a light.
"Look, you really don't see it? I'm not trying to be creepy but look." As crazy then pushes my head right onto her breasts, so I can see out the window.
At this point the husband looks over. What are you doing? Oh nothing, just resting my head on your wife's breasts thats all.
"Look, over there!"
Finally I see the light... the light that is way way way far away.
"Oh, that light all the way over there? Yeah, I think we are ok... but I'll notify the captain just in case the far away light isn't showing up on his radar.

I call up front. Uh crazy back here is afraid of a light/plane to the left of us. You are on it, ok! thanks. A few seconds later they ring back rolling... oh no plane... oh the close light is a planet... great!

I head back to crazy who is now pointing out the "plane" to her husband.
I just talked with the pilots and they said not to worry! All the planes are accounted for on their radar, that close light over there is just Jupiter and since it's not on our route into Cincinnati, I think we will be ok!

Some days I love my job! :)

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Meekiyu said...

That is hilarious! I've only been on a plane twice to and fro California and NYC so I could've been one of those crazy nervous wreaks... this lady takes the cake... LOLOL!! That story cheered me up!