November 5, 2008

Election Day in the USA

So yesterday was election day. I got up early, went over to my parents house and my dad and I walked to our church to VOTE! This was the first year that I have not voted by absentee ballot- and since it was such an important election I had no idea how the lines would be. We walked right in and got down to business. Until this year, I have been 0-2 in my voting record. But this year, I finally voted for a winning president.
A big pat on the back for all those who Voted along with me. Whoever you voted for, win or lose, it's the fact that you got out there and voiced your opinion for the kind of change you wanted to see that is the most important fact!

America has lived through 8 years of Bush, I can not wait to see what we are in for next.

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The Flying Pinto said...

It's an exciting time! I've watched Obama's speech three times and cried each time....happy tears!! I'm so happy for my daughter, it's a new world and hope does prevail!