August 18, 2008

Mexico, Part 2

Ok, I finally have some time to finish my post of Mexico back from April. (I know, how sad is that...)

So after we had climbed the ruins at Xcaret and had a picnic lunch outside, we decided to stop at a new Cenote that had opened and check it out. Cenotes are underground caves that are filled with gorgeous cool water, which is wonderful in the heat of Mexico. It's only April and it is hoooot! We checked out two and then went swimming in the third.

Next stop- We hit the beaches of Tulum. This beach is gorgeous. Soft sand, so pretty... and if you look down to the left, you can see the Tulum ruins that sit on the hill overlooking the ocean. Here are a few of my postcard photos.

The next morning Mom and I joined Debbie in her woman's bible study class which was pretty cool. Then we went down to check out this area called something Adventura (this is why I shouldn't wait months to blog about a trip...) We walked around and watched people swimming with the dolphins, manatees and other fun animals. We went back and had a nice big lunch of Grilled Salmon. Yum!

That evening, we went into town and walked around. Checked out the beach and did a little shopping in the stores. Debbie and Jim took us to a very good local Mexican place that had cheap and amazing Tacos! Yuuum.

The next morning, before driving back to the airport to head home, we all got up, had a light breakfast and walked out by the beach on last time. I took a few photos of all the lizards they have hanging around in the mornings. They are huge and the dive shop gave us some dog food to feed to even ate out of my hand.

This was a great vacation and I was so glad that I was able to take my mom with me.

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