July 6, 2008

Sarah and Tyler

I was lucky enough to take some new photographs of cute little Sarah for Cari and Mark. What a little cutie Sarah is already! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot-

Tyler was very happy to pose for me next, but when we asked him to hold Sarah, he didn't want to. So, Cari did what any good mom would do- she told him to sit down, plopped Sarah on his lap and told him to hold her nice. Hehe!

Look at how Big he's getting! Like a little man already!
I had to add this last one, I love the scrunchie butt!!! I already can not wait to take bunches more...

Afterwards Sarah had what I refer to as the Photography Baby Meltdown, its like the babies have a sensory overload with clothing changes and people all up in their face. I would want to cry too! It used to happen all the time to me in the studio!

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