June 29, 2007

Lunch in NYC and a Birthday in Cincy

Last week, Elly and Tim were in New Jersey. It just so happened that she and I were both free Thursday afternoon to meet in the city! Last minute I had to work in the morning, so i ran in, clocked out and hopped on the subway to meet her at Penn Station (luckily I was on time as well!). We decided to get lunch in Little Italy, so we headed to Canal Street to sidewalk shop as we walked over. I replaced my broken sunglasses which was super exciting. We found this restaurant that had some outdoor seating (the weather was perfect) and ordered lunch as we had a chance to catch up. After completely stuffing ourselves with food, we headed a few places up for coffee and some wonderful desert!

Bad weather hit NYC that evening and after many cancellations, by some stroke of luck 4 of us crew members (after preparing to go anywhere and sleep in the airport to get home) found a ferry flight back to Cincinnati. YAY!
Friday night I headed up to Columbus for dinner with Audra. Beautiful weather again we got to sit outside at Easton and catch up.

That weekend was also Andrea's birthday! Saturday evening she had us all over to her house for a very fun cookout and a game of 7, 11, doubles, one game which I had never had the fortune of playing. It was a great time!

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