July 1, 2015

Quinn- 5 months old

This past month went by in a haze called 4 month wakeful. I don't think I have ever been this tired for this long in my life. It's like I've done red eye flights the whole month. We are finally coming out on the other side of the wakeful period and I've eased up a little on the coffee and cookies that I used to get me through this month.
Around 4 months, a babies sleep changes from newborn (deep sleep anywhere, anytime) to more like an adults rhythms of light and deep sleep. Logan powered through this time pretty easily but Quinn has struggled with this a bit more and in turn... so have we! Since she started rolling pretty early on, we had to take her out of the swaddle before she was truly ready. We tried to let her roll onto her stomach and sleep but that was a huge fail and ended up with both of us crying. So we brought out the Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit- just like we did for Logan. She didn't sleep through the night in it but it did help to keep her from rolling onto her stomach and freaking out... so that was good. The suit is really fluffy but she can still get her thumb into her mouth to help soothe herself, so all is good!

 Besides sleep.. Quinns personality has really been coming out this past month. She is such a sweet sweet baby. So happy to be around people, loves being snuggled and laughs a lot. She watched Logan all the time and makes sure that her voice is heard and she is not forgotten. She "talks" a ton and has the highest little scream when she gets really excited. It's half adorable and half defeaning. lol.
She has really taken to her exersaucer and especially the jumperoo. She just jumps away for long periods of time... just as happy as can be. I love watching her as well! Her legs are getting so strong and I'm afraid she may skip sitting and crawling for walking. (Half kidding)
Quinn mostly takes naps in the swing or the carriers these days. I'm ok with this. Logan had his best naps in the swing until he got almost too big for it. I'm sure once she is ready, we will transition to the crib. We are still at 3 naps a day and pretty much have a basic schedule we follow each day.
 Logan still loves her to pieces and is pretty good at sharing toys as of now. Even when he takes hers, we have him give her another toy to replace it. We will see what happens once she is mobile. ;)
This month we had a family vacation in Cape Cod with my side of the family. My dad, brother and soon to be sister  (in law) met Quinn for the first time. So exciting! We had a great time and everyone loved on her a ton.
Quinn dipped her toes in the sand and cold water for the first time too... she didn't even flinch when the cold water got her before Geoff could lift her. She is one tough cookie! She has no idea how many beach days are in her future!!!
Every single day, I am so thankful that she is a part of our family. This little girl couldn't be any sweeter and she has us all wrapped around her cute little fingers!!!

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