July 10, 2015

Photos with your kids

I'm sure it is no shock to anyone who reads here that I take a lot of photos. Especially of my kids. I love capturing their personalities and the stage they are in... because if you have ever seen kid grow... it is always changing and goes by so so fast. I look back lovingly at professional photos, fun faces, big messes and even first tears. I try and keep anything that could embarrass them off the Internet and for family eyes only but it's so nice to see baby rolls and double chins and to find it so cute and lovely.

I've noticed in the past two and a half years (since having Logan) that I also take a lot of Geoff and the kids but have a quarter of the amount of myself with the kids. When he does snap a photo or two of us, I am always picking myself apart in the photos. I think... I would never share this one... look how fat I look. Or I look so tired and my hair isn't done. It's awful.
This past 4th of July we were playing outside. Logan and Quinn were decked out in cute outfits while Geoff and I had managed to shower that day. I was in a festive t shirt and leggings with my hair barely brushed and no makeup on. The light was beautiful as the sun was just starting to set and I ran out to get my camera to get a photo of the kids. I promised Logan a Popsicle if he held Quinn for a shot (which he did and then proceeded to eat his, mine and Geoffs). Afterwards I snapped some shots of Geoff and Quinn and then he asked if I wanted a few photos of myself.
At first I thought, no. My hair is a mess, I'm in leggings... but then I figured that this is life. This is my real life. Not the cream of the crop shots that look so perfect and put together. I need these photos to remind myself what life was all about in this stage. That we were living life and having fun. That some days are messy and I'm in pj's all day. That most days lately, my make up is sunscreen and chap stick and I have bags under my eyes. But that I am loving my kids and enjoying it all. (Well most of it... potty training and toddler beds are a little dicey at times)

I still like to have lovely staged shots to hang in the house and send to family but this season as I try and get the rest of the baby weight off me and I don't remember the last time I really felt rested... I am going to say yes to photos and try and see all the love that is in them. These are the days that everyone says I will miss later on so I want to hold on and remember them all the ways possible. And that includes photos like this... just me with the little loves of my life.


Julie E said...

Good for you!! You look awesome- but I totally understand how you feel. Just remember, you're ALWAYS harder on yourself than you need to be, and to your kids you are the most beautiful girl in the world! So keep saying "yes" to pictures, swimsuits (I still don't love that, but doing it anyway!!) and everything else that we let the world get in the way with. Hope you guys are having a fabulous summer!!!

MarkNKeely Spain said...

I love the Utah Collection! Thank you!