March 3, 2014

Fourteen months

When people told me at one year, that my little baby was now officially called a toddler... I didn't get it. He still seemed so little to me. This past month, it all makes sense! My little 14 month old exploded with development this past month. There was so much growth and change... it blows my mind every single day to think about it. 
The biggest development by far has been WALKING!
In such Logan fashion, he stood unassisted forever. Refusing to take his first step until he was stable and ready... once that day came, he walked half way across the room. He is so stable and such a good walker, he hardly ever crawls now. He is so cute walking... he sticks his big ole belly out and wobbles around like a pregnant lady. Too too cute. He parades around our house barefoot and we have these Robeez for his when we go places (love love love these shoes) but we are going to head out and get him fitted for his first walking shoes really soon.
We are lucky that our house is an open concept. It's been fairly easy to babyproof and I feel comfortable closing the baby gate on the stairs and letting him roam around. However, we are quickly learning that with the added height, he can now spot things in higher locations and reach to get them. We are quickly moving breakables and watching where we place things (mostly hot cups of coffee).

I am pretty sure we have a climber on our hands (what boy isn't, right)! I came down the stairs the other day, while Geoff was fixing lunch and I look around for Logan. He was sitting on the couch with a toy, just like we sit. Geoff had no clue he had climbed up there all on his own. Luckily he caught on real quick on how to safely get down. I'm pretty sure that we will have a few tumbles at one point or another but none so far.

We are in a big stacking phase right now. Rings/blocks/puzzle pieces, it doesn't matter, we stack them up and knock them down. He's getting better at stacking things higher- but sometimes gets too excited and just knocks them over right away. I save the fruit cups after he eats them. Those are some of his favorite things to stack. He will carry them around, place things inside of them and eventually throw them all over his shoulder as he waddles away, laughing hysterically. He also likes to try and put food into all the openings in his straw/sippy cups. This is one of my least favorite activities.
(I realized that I don't have a lot of photos of some of his activities- but I take a lot of videos now. Guess its much more exciting for videos now that he's not just lying on his back making sounds, haha.)

I was getting Logan ready to go to the gym one day and told him we were getting our shoes on. He grabbed his shoe an placed it on his foot. I was completely floored by this. Then I was doing laundry one day and I let him help me take everything out (and throw it on the floor). He grabbed a sock and put it on the top of my foot- guess he understands the basic concept of getting dressed!
Cutest thing this month is that Logan will give kisses to Geoff when we facetime. He will crawl over to the phone and put his mouth on it when he sees Geoff. It leaves me with a slobbery mess to clean up but so so cute. It amazes me how much he understands and picks up on every single day. Geoff was chasing him around the house yelling "go, go, go" and Logan was quick to repeat it back. Add that to the slowly growing list of words we have over here! (Now we had better really watch what is coming out of our mouths.)

Eating has been going well this month. He started to get really angry when we would eat with him and use a bowl/plate and silverware and just place his food on his tray. He reached and whined for what we had so I quickly went out and picked up a few bowls and plates for him. He loves using a fork or spoon to eat and he is quickly getting better at it. It makes a Huuuuuuuuge mess to clean up but I love watching him mimic us and learn, so I'm ok with it most days. (Would be so much easier if we had a dog, haha)
He also loves to snack on apples. Usually eats a few bites and sets it on the ground to come back to later. I'm trying to teach him to bring it to mama when he is over it so I can share it with him. :) Most of the time it doesn't really work.

Sleep is good, molars on the bottom are in and we are starting the top (uggggh).
We have had a lot of snow up here this winter and have been getting out of the house alot, thank goodness. We've had playdates, Mygym, mom's group, gym time and tried a children's play place called Bobo's that was pretty fun (and fairly cheap). The mall is hit or miss since sometimes there are a lot of bigger kids and Logan's been knocked down before.
We are lucky that we have made some really good friends here in NH. We had a fun baby party we went to and there were lots of friends to play with. I don't know what I would do without them all!
I know I'm missing a few things but it's so hard to keep up with everything new he is doing! I love this age and am trying to enjoy each day we have together- however I am so so ready for some warmer weather!!! Trying not to wish these months away though. :)
(I just had to include this one again... my little stud showing off how strong he is).
Again, this recap was super late as we are rounding the corner for 15 months! Crazy how fast time goes, especially when I am working. Full time moms and dads, I don't know how you do it.

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