January 27, 2014

Thirteen Months

*Disclaimer... I had this written right around 13 months and I have kinda neglected my blog. oops. So, I'm publishing this late and a few things have changed since I've written this. I was going through old posts for info on what Logan was doing each month for his baby book I'm making now. I skipped a few months in the beginning and I was a little mad at myself for it... not going to do that this time around. ha ha. :)

Well, here we are again at 13 months. So lets get right into it.
Logan has been cruising along furniture and with his walkers for a while now. This month he has started standing on his own. He is really steady on his feet and can let go already standing and get up off the ground on his own. He holds objects, claps but he will not take a step yet. He is a really fast crawler so I'm not sure when he will take off walking. My prediction is he will go straight to running! I'm actually enjoying watching him develop so in my mind, there is no rush for him to take those first steps just yet... but I have a feeling they will be soon. ;) (The week after I wrote this, he was up and walking... go figure!)
I've been attempting to read to Logan for months. First his books were chew toys, then he just liked to throw them off the shelves. This month, he will grab a book and come crawling over to us wanting to read them. It is awesome! Now, we don't always get through the book (but sometimes we do) usually we will get through a few pages and off he will crawl wanting us to chase him around. I always let him turn each page so sometimes I am reading really fast as we go. Right now, favorite three we read are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Goodnight Moon and the Little Blue Truck. Almost have them both down by heart.

I have a feeling that we have quite the social butterfly on our hands. Logan loves being around people, especially when they are paying attention to him. He's shown a little bit of separation anxiety, like when we drop him off at the gym he will cry and reach out to us... before we are all the way out the door if I peek back, he's completely fine. When we head to my moms group or have play dates with our friends, Logan loves to crawl over and give hugs and kisses. It's extremely cute.

He is developing at such a fast pace right now. We are babbling all the time and he will repeat after us. He signs a few signs (mainly milk which really means all drinks) and we have Mama, Baba and sometimes Bah bye as words. (The other day, we were face timing with Geoff while he was at work. As we said goodbye, Logan said bah bye and waved at Geoff.) He waves, claps, dances, points at everything, loves to practice with his fork or spoon but he does everything on his own terms. He already has such a distinct personality.
Right now, he loves to stack and unstack, take things out of bins and put them back in and throw everything on the floor. This is especially fun during meals, during bath time and when he goes to sleep. Every morning we walk into his room and find all of his toys and blankets that were in the crib are now on the floor. We got him his own little chair (Pottery Barn Kids oversized chair... I'm obsessed) and he looooooves to climb in and out of it or stand on it and look out the window.
Night time sleep is the same (good). Naps, well...that is another issue. Some days he takes two which we prefer, other days he takes one and spends the second one yelling at us from his crib. We will give him some time to see if he settles himself and if he doesn't we will get him up and then just try for an earlier bedtime. On the occasional lucky day he will takes an epic afternoon nap (the other day it was 3.5 hours long). I feel like we are working down to one nap but I'm trying to keep it at two right now... I really don't know why and I think I'm fighting a loosing battle... anyone have any wisdom on naps for this age? Bedtime is usually 7:30-8 and he sleeps until 8-8:30 which I know is amazing. He usually isn't cranky at bedtime, regardless of naps, unless he's teething so again... I am counting my blessings but still stress on making sure he is well rested. I will take any advice on this issue... have any?
 Other than that, we are teething some molars over here. They were peeking through the gums at his 12 month appointment. (Shots can be tragic, but they are also a great time to check out the teeth situation.) That mean, everything is back to going into the mouth. The trampoline bar is such a favorite that we had to wrap fun colored duct tape around it- still didn't stop him. He also loves to chew and take bites out of our furniture corner bumpers. Probably something he should not be eating... yikes!
 Every month that I write these updates... I think it can't get any better... but it continually does. As always, I am completely enjoying this stage in my sons life and I feel so so blessed that I get to spend the majority of my time with this fun little guy. (January- I went into work twice. I feel so lucky.)

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