December 29, 2013

Twelve Months.

I thought I should do a post of twelve months since I hit (most) of the other months of Logan's life!

So what happened this past month? A LOT!
I'm happy to say that Logan has a pretty active social life. We have weekly playdates, starbucks meetups, moms group and even a Holiday party we attended this past month! It's really fun to see Logan interact with his little friends. Sometimes they ignore each other, sometimes they steal toys from each other, other times they give kisses or all have melt downs together. It helps that I've found good friends in the parents as well. Our meetups are as much for us and they are the babies (ok, I lie... there are pretty much for us.) Here is the aftermath after one fun playdate... Logan passed out right on the floor.
 We decked the house with Christmas decorations. Geoff suggested wrapping boxes of unopened books from the bookshelf to place around the tree this year as a barricade. So, that is what we did. We kept the boxes close enough that Logan can still touch the tree and pull off the occasional ornament. I didn't want to make it completely off limits but since he is pulling up on everything to cruise around, I wanted to keep him and the tree safe this year. There is one box that is a little lower and twice now, I have watched him crawl on top of the box. I am afraid we are going to have a climber very very soon.
We are still crawling, cruising along furniture and with the help of walkers (chairs, boxes, etc). The other day we were at a moms group and Logan was distracted watching all of the slightly older kids run around. I let go and he stood up all alone for about 20 seconds. YAY! Wont do it yet on his own though. He looks at us like we are crazy when we try and get him to stand... and then crawls for the stairs.
As for the stairs, we attempted to put up the gate with a few suggestions (Thanks everyone who contacted me with ideas!) on how to not drill into the banister... but ended up not liking the gate that we picked out. So, we ordered the same gate we have at the top of the stairs and are trying again. For now, it's open and I have to always make sure I know where Logan is because climbing them is his favorite activity when we are inside.

Eating is going well. We have hit that stage where babies like to toss things onto the floor and then stare at them from the highchair. Our floor each night looks like it was bombed with veggies and fruits... disaster.
Logan had his last first holiday, Thanksgiving. We celebrated early at home and then headed off to be with my family in SC. (which I wrote about here). With all our travels, Logan flew on 14 flights in his first year of life... he is such a little traveler.
Time continues to fly by!

12 month stats:
  • New Foods: Peanut butter. Finally tried it and everything was ok! Milk too... slowly getting used to it. 
  • Breastfeeding:  4 feedings until his birthday and now weaned... sad. 
  • Teeth: We have some molars coming through... not fun!
  • Signs: just started signing milk. pretty much uses it to ask for both food and drinks.
  • Weight: 20lb 4oz
  • Likes:  Climbing the stairs. Peekaboo, chasing games, pushing his walkers, Scout the singing dog, pulling books, dvds and toys off shelves, eating paper. Giving hugs.
  • Dislikes:  Having Mom and Dad leave him in the gym daycare. SANTA! Diaper changes and having his nose wiped. 

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