November 23, 2013

11 months

I feel like this every month... how on earth do I have an 11 month old? The last 11 months feel like a bluuuuuur. (I'm sure that this is a feeling felt by... oh... every single parent out there.)
Let's start with Logan's newest game. We play peek-a-BOO! It is so much fun and my heart basically explodes every time he puts a hand over his eye (I call this one pirate peek-a-boo) or the occassional two handed game. He loves this game and I can't help myself but play back with him anywhere at any time... even when I'm trying to get him to nap... haha.

We also now get kisses and Logan will share with us. It's usually food or a random object (like a pacifier) that he shoves into our face but it's so cute. I'm working on getting him to blow kisses to us but as like everything else, he stares at me and crawls away to something else. It will happen exactly when he wants it to.

We are doing a little dabble into Baby Sign Language and I've been signing a handful of words to him for months. He has yet to sign anything back to us but he does respond to a few words such as "milk" (he gets very happy and will crawl over to me), "more" and "all done" (this will usually make him angry, especially if food is involved).
So far, the only words we have heard are MaMa and BaBa. Sometimes he will respond to someone talking to him with babbles that really sound like yeah and ok but I just can't tell if it's a real word or not. Either way, it's really really cute.
On the other side of things, even though he isn't speaking words, Logan is getting really good at voicing his opinion. We are tip toeing into the world of tantrums and this little guy can really throw down a good one. He has two types, the silent sad one where he puts him head on the ground, butt in the air and starts crying... and then angry one where he arches his back, throws his hands above his head, thrashes all over and yells (this is usually when one of us is trying to change his diaper- fun times). I know he is frustrated and just trying to get ahold of his emotions so I try and stay calm even though I feel like rolling all over the floor yelling with him. Parenthood has definitely helped me work on patience, that is for sure!
This past month we had some really fun activities! We went apple picking, we had play dates, went to a Halloween party and stayed home with candy waiting for trick or treaters (which we had none- womp) I was slightly obsessed with his alligator costume and his skeleton pjs. So so cute!
Eating has been going great! This boy has an appetite and eats three solid meals a day, along with a snack when he's at the gym daycare. It's a good thing too because he doesn't stop moving. This kid is into everything he can get his hands on. His new favorite activity is to crawl over to the baskets we have in a few rooms (where we throw his toys at the end of the night) and toss everything out onto the floor. He also does this with a few Dvd's we have by the tv.
I've been a book worm all my life and I'm really trying to install my love of books into my little boy. I try and read to him each day but he would rather pull the books from my hands and try to eat them. (And with all his teeth, we have more than one shredded book). Eventually he will learn that books are for reading and not eating, haha. The feel and touch books will hold his attention the longest for now. (And yes, he has tried to eat the fur in the book as well.)
We have a few walkers around the house I picked up at consignment sales and Logan is finally getting some good walking practice with them. I feel like he's been cruising along the furniture forever and he still hasn't shown any signs of wanting to take off on his own. No rush! I'm enjoying this stage and love watching his face light up when he gets across the room or down the hall all by himself!
Geoff was working for almost a week straight the beginning of November so Logan and myself hopped on a plane to Cincinnati and visiting with my parents.

I know they just love getting to see him and I really wish we all lived closer so these visits weren't so far apart. We had a great time and Logan slept very well. I think all the new faces and places really wore him out. The only hiccup we had was the first night. Logan sleeps in my old crib and I was on the bed next to him. He woke up in the middle of the night and once he saw me- it was game over. Took almost 2 hours to get him back down and my dad came in to help shush and rock him back to sleep. I quickly learned that Logan prefers his own room. For the rest of our visit, I was on the couch downstairs and he slept great.
After all of that, we've been trying to enjoy the last days of warmer weather before the cold winter gets here. We've taken a few runs and walked on over to the park to swing the swings and watch the older kids run around. I can't wait until the spring when he is one of the kids running around. I imagine we will be very thankful we have 2 close parks in walking distance.
I'm desperately trying to soak up the rest of my time at home before I head back to work (Dec 18th, sigh). I know I have been very very blessed to spend this first year at home with my little boy. It was hard in the beginning, adjusting to our new normal but I feel like we are in a really good groove right now. Logan is showing so much more of his personality and it makes our days together so much fun...

Our countdown to his First Birthday has begun! yikes. 

11 month stats-
  • New Foods:  Smoothies, beans, Chipotle (loved), goetta and anything else he can get his hands on.
  • Breastfeeding:  4-5 feedings a day – still going!
  • Teeth:  Twelve
  • Noises:  Mama, Baba
  • Weight:  Not sure, but he eats like an adult.
  • Likes:  Peekaboo, chasing games, pushing his walkers, Scout the singing dog, pulling books, dvds and toys off shelves, eating paper.
  • Dislikes:  Diaper changes, having his hands and face cleaned, having his nose wiped, things being taken away.

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