July 9, 2013

theLAshop.com Photography gear

I love taking photos. Who doesn't right? Well, did you guys know that I have a degree in photography? Before I became a Flight Attendant, I worked in a few portrait studios. I've photographed a handful of weddings, families, maternity and children shoots. I took some time off since we were moving every year and it was too hard to try and build a base of clients and then start all over again in the next city. (Plus, my schedule at work used to stink... it is much much better now). Since we are planning on staying here in NH, I've been slowly getting back into photography... taking a few refresher courses online and building up my portfolio. It's a slow process but worth it for something I love so much.

I was recently contacted by thelashop.com to try out one of their products for a review. They have a wide variety of products ranging from photography equipment (which is what I was interested in) to electronics, home gadgets and some fun, quirky knick knacks.

I already had a 8x10 Portable Photography Background Backdrop Stand (this same one) which is lightweight and easily portable (it's not a heavy duty stand but for the price, it has done the job well the few times I have used it! Portability was more important to me for the time being and lets be honest- photography equipment is not cheap... I save money where I can.)

so I went for the 32" Umbrella Photo Lighting Continuous 3 Lights Kit with Case.

Back in December when Logan was first born, I took a ton of photos admist our newborn stage. In my sleep deprived state, I could not seem to get my lighting where I wanted it to be. It was frustrating for me. Up in the northeast, there is very little sunlight in the dead of winter (sun setting at 3:30pm? Whhhhhhat?) and I tried to use it to my advantage but sometimes I failed. These lights would have been very useful for me during this time. oh well.

I figured now, I have these two and will definitely be able to get some fun photos around Logans first birthday party.... I'm already planning a smash cake photo shoot. (I used to LOVE doing these when I worked in the portrait studio.) The carrying case really makes these lights a breeze to transport, they set up easily and I can not wait to get to test them out. I am super excited to start practicing with lights again... with photography you can only improve by practice, practice, practice (and being good at taking constructive criticism... no time for egos.)

Not only do they have photography equipment for a great price, they have all sorts of quirky products that would be a lot of fun to have for a birthday party or get together...

Cotton Candy Machine

and Chocolate Fountain

I might have to remember these for the future! ;)

Here is a discount for you!
If you feel like checking out this site and ordering anything for yourself, theLAshop has extended a 10% discount to my readers... just type in the code BLOGGERS when checking out!

*This product was received for review, no other compensation was provided. All views expressed are honest and my own! :) 

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