February 6, 2013

Month one essentials

Well it seems like most bloggers who have a baby like to share the things that got them through the first month. I know before Logan arrived, I stalked these posts to compare to what I had and what I thought I would need. I have been pretty picky on what we have bought for our little guy since we are living in a two bedroom apartment and clutter makes me anxious feeling. I am happy to say that I felt really good with what we had... all we have bought so far, are extra diapers. :) Every baby is different so I'm hoping if we have more in the future we can get good use out of these items again!

1. Our Dutailier Glider 
I could not live without this (well that's a little bit of an exaggeration). I have comfortably sat and fed Logan in this glider hours upon hours already (and slept in it a few of his early and fussy nights). It was expensive but we considered it an investment and it is getting a lot of use.

2. Boppy pillow and Newborn Lounger

For me, the Boppy is a must for breastfeeding. Plus, we used to use these to help pose babies when I worked in a portrait studio years ago... so I know it has many more uses in the months to come.
I was torn on the Newborn Lounger until I saw one on clearance and grabbed it. Logan loves is and I can bring it from room to room with ease. 

3. Swaddleme Swaddlers
LOVE these! If you are having a kid- get these! Our little boy is Houdini. No matter how many times I reread how to swaddle, or how tight and perfect we would get it Logan would wiggle right out- especially his hands and arms. These you can get nice and tight... like a baby straightjacket. This was they don't startle themselves awake in the middle of the night. 

4. iphone app for white noise-Relax Melodies
We got the cute Tranquil Turtle that plays ocean sounds and lights up the ceiling. So cute. However, right now, ocean sounds do nothing for Logan. White noise is where it is at my friends! (along with the hair dryer and vacuum) So I downloaded a bunch of free apps and tried all the sounds we could find until one stuck. This is the only white noise that knocks him out. We even use it when he wakes up and we are walking through a store. You can upgrade to the paid version and have the noise on in the background as you still use your phone. So helpful!

5. My Little Snug-a-bunny Swing
This was a gift to us from my Bff and her mom. Logan takes a lot of his naps in this swing right now. It plays music, the mobile spins and it swings 3 different ways but my favorite part is that it plugs into the wall and we don't have to mess with batteries.

6. Moby
This takes a little bit of practice. I watched you tube videos on how to get the darn thing wrapped around perfect and practiced a few times. By the time Logan arrived, I was pretty quick at getting it on. The first few times we took him out and about to Costco and the mall, I carried him in the Moby and he slept the entire time. Now I like to wear him around the apartment when we wants to be carried all day long. 
(We also have the Ergo which we love but didn't really start using it until recently)

7. Lansioh Cream
If you breastfeed or you are thinking of trying- GET THIS! Let me just say- ouch, in the beginning it hurts and this helps!
Also my nurse gave me a pack of Ameda Hydrogel Pads. Ask for these in the hospital right when they are starting to feel a little sore. You can stick them in the fridge before you put them on- heaven!!!

8. Diaper Genie Elite
A lot of people say that this is a waste of money but we received it as a gift. It holds a decent amount of diapers and we haven't had a smelly nursery yet. Our trash is on the other side of the apartment complex so we have to drive to it and this allows us a few days in between trash runs. :)

9. Angelcare Monitor
This was my must have registry purchase. We decided to wait on getting a pack n play so the only option we had for Logan's sleeping arrangement was in his crib and we attempted this right from the start. (We do have a bed in his room right now which is where we slept for the first 2 weeks). With Geoff traveling, I knew I would be a nervous wreck at night all by myself. This system alerts you if your baby stops breathing. I can also hear when Logan cries and it tells me the temperature of his nursery so I know it's not too hot or cold. I think having this is the only way I am able to sleep in our bed at night. We've had 2 false alarms, but I think that is a small price to pay for peace of mind. 

10. Foscam Camera
Geoff really wanted to get a camera system for the nursery that he could use on the road. This camera is awesome! He can use his iphone to see the room, it rotates, takes photos and video and has sound capabilities both ways. He can hear us or speak to us (which is a little scary to hear voices when you aren't expecting it). Best part was, we got it off a Groupon for a discounted price! 

I know we are not experts and each time we feel like we know exactly what we are doing- Logan throws us for a loop and changes it up... but, I felt like these items really helped us through that first month and into the second! We are still learning new things everyday and honestly, each day gets better and better!
(These are my personal opinions on products that we bought for ourselves.)

Anything that worked really well for your baby that I didn't mention?


SkyMommy said...

Thank you for writing this post. We're getting down to the wire and I'm constantly second guessing myself as to what we really do and don't need. Ack! Babies are so complicated.

Brittney said...

I was on the fence on the Angel Care monitor because I heard a lot of people have trouble getting the sensors set right and the thing will go off constantly. I'm glad it's working for you though, and maybe it's something we'll get once we transition the baby to the crib (we'll probably have her in our room for a while).
We have the diaper genie Elite too, so I'm glad to hear that works well.
I need to watch some Moby videos so I know what to do! I haven't even taken it out of the packaging!