December 8, 2012

Wedding Recap #4 -Reception

Our wedding reception was like many others... We were announced in with our bridal party, we cut the cake, we had speeches by my Dad, my maid of honor and Geoff's best men... We had grace, ate dinner and then the party started. Geo had made us a slideshow that we all watched, laughed and cried at. After that, Geoff's cousins had a surprise for us. They made us get up and dance to the music video "Party Rock Anthem" in front of everyone until we were upstaged by all the kids who showed us how to really dance. So fun! We had our first dance and then my dad and I danced. (I should add that my dad does NOT dance but he had a surprise up his sleeve and had taken dance lessons for me... soooo sweet and something I will never forget!) The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, laughing, visiting with everyone and getting some fun shots in our Photobooth. I can honestly say it was Perfect... the whole day was perfect for us. I couldn't even be sad when it was over because I have some of the best memories of my life from my wedding day. It fills my heart to think back and remember it all. Best of all, I married my best friend and I wake up each day thankful for that fact! 

The next day, Geoff's family wanted to go out for brunch before they all headed back to Canada. Somehow they had Chicken and Waffles on their minds so we all agreed to meet up at Wally's World. I really have no idea how this came about but it was a good time. We took over the small restaurant and they did an amazing job catering to our huge group. :) They even gave Geoff and myself a cake when they found out we were married the night before. It was a wonderful way to end an amazing weekend!

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Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

This is so sweet :)

Would love for you to join the challenge again!