December 3, 2012

Wedding recap #1- Rehearsal and dinner

 It's very hard to start putting into words the amazing weekend my Wedding was last October. I think that is why I have put this post off for so long. However, since we celebrated our one year anniversary and we have so much excitement coming up- I wanted to get to it before I forget all the little details. :)

A few days before our wedding weekend, family and friends slowly started coming into town. We had people coming in from all over- Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Seattle, Nevada, Canada...

On Thursday evening we had a "meet the family" dinner. Can you believe that our families had never met one another before this? We all went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and let Geoff's mom do the picking of dishes. We had so much good food and made even more great memories. I loved finally having our two families together to get to know each other!!! (I know they had heard enough about each other from me. haha.)

Friday was pretty much a blur of a day as more guests arrived and we prepped for the rehearsal and dinner. Our venue holds weddings on Fridays and Saturdays so they offered us a Thursday rehearsal. Since we were the only ones who lived in town we had to find another option. We ended up having the rehearsal at our apartment complex's community room and catered in Italian food! It was more of a casual affair that turned out great and in turn let us invite more guests to dinner who traveled far to come for the weekend!

We rehearsed, we ate, we drank and enjoyed each other's company. At the end, we cleaned up and I said goodnight to Geoff, my fiance for the last time before he would be my husband.

I stayed in the hotel by our venue with my best friend Courtney for my last night as a single gal. :) It was a girls sleepover like old times. Now excuse the photo dump and enjoy.

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