August 27, 2012

South Korea

Okay, so back to travels. :) After Iceland we flew back to Boston, unpacked, repacked our bags and headed back to the airport. Destination- Seoul, Korea. Remember back when I lived in New York with my 4 guy friends... well our friend Jason and his fiance Hye were getting married. So, we did what any good friends with flight benefits would do... we flew out to Korea to be there for them! (Thanks to Delta for the amazing flight!)

Our first full day in Korea, we all headed on over to check out Gyeonbok Palace, Korea's most famous palace. It was built in the late 1300's and rebuilt a few times since then. It was very nice to walk around!

They had a section with the Chinese Zodiac signs. I found myself- the Rooster and Geoff took a photo by his- Dragon.
2012 is the year of the water Dragon so our little boy will be a Dragon as well. :) So since we had to take one both my Dragon boys!

All the guys together again. If you remember when we lived in New York these were my roommates.
I really miss seeing these guys- wish it would happen more often.

That night we all split up for dinner so Geoff and I ended up in a little restaurant down the street from our hotel. The ladies there didn't really speak English but we ended up with some really good food anyways. :)

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