July 1, 2012

Announcement! :)

It's quickly coming up on five years that Geoff and I have been together and boy have we had a lot of adventures together!

We've traveled to places like Paris, Barcelona, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Prague, Korea, Iceland, Puero Rico, Aruba and all over the US...

We've moved from Cincinnati to New York to Detroit and finally to New Hampshire
We've switched jobs 
We got engaged in Hong Kong

We've battled sickness and injuries together
We planned a wedding and got married

We honeymooned in Bali

Yet now we are embarking on our wildest adventure yet... Parenthood. That's right- our loving family of two will be a family of three this December. We honestly couldn't be more excited! 

Thanks for joining us on most of our adventures so far- we hope you'll stick around for this one too!

(I know I've promised lots more posts and they are coming... we've just been a bit preoccupied over here!) 


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Congratulations!!!!!!! :)

Alicia said...

Congratulations!!!! :)

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Awesome! Congratulations!

Brian said...

Awesome! Congrats!

Brian said...

Awesome! Congrats!