March 9, 2012

Puerto Rico Vacation

I love traveling! It's been a while since Geoff and I have had the chance to travel with other people which finally changed this past week.

My friend Laura asked me last year if we wanted to plan a trip to Puerto Rico with the hubby and her boyfriend. Of course I said yes! I've known La for years (4th grade to be exact) and since I've moved away from Ohio, I don't get to see her enough. Days off and flights worked out and once we landed in Puerto Rico, they were there to pick us up in the rental car with a surprise... they were ENGAGED! Congrats guys- I am so so happy that you found each other. :)
We had a lot to celebrate so our first stop was into San Juan for dinner. We had a Wonderful meal and delicious sangria. After dinner we walked around for a few minutes and headed to Ponce, where we were staying for the week.
Geoff's skirt steak dinner.
This was my delicious seafood Mofongo dinner!  YUM!

 The next morning we headed to Cabo Rojo where we hung out at the beach for the afternoon. They have a beautiful lighthouse on top on these amazing cliffs. It was super windy up top so even taking photos was extra effort. We walked down the beach and enjoyed the sun and the cold refreshing water.

We had a lovely lunch of seafood (which was so good that I didn't even have a chance to take a photo before it was devoured.) We attempted to head to a Rum tour and tasting but unfortunately we were there during the week and a lot of the things we wanted to do were open on the weekends. We enjoyed the view of downtown Ponce from the top of the hill for a few minutes and then headed into town for some ice cream. 

Our last stop of the day was over to Clark's friends house where we ate a wonderful dinner and played Wii with the kids. We headed back to rest up for another fun filled day of beaches and sand.

I'll be back for the rest of our trip... (I didn't want to make this post too too long). :) 
Have you been to Puerto Rico? What was your favorite memory from the island? 

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