March 27, 2012

Hungry Dinner...

Having a family that works weekends means that Friday date nights really don't happen (unless we are able to work together). This week we went with a Monday night date night.

We slept in since we both worked late Sunday night. Once we awoke and had adequate coffee, brunch and showers we drove into Boston. We decided to try out parking in the employee lot and heading to the T via two buses. It was nice to have free covered parking but did take quite some time to make it to the city.

We headed to dinner around Chinatown at Myers + Chang. For our wedding gift, my friend Laura had picked out a few places for us to try around Boston and this was one of them. We found the restaurant and were seated inside this funky little Asian fusion cafe.

G ordered a glass of Sake to begin and I had their Asian Mojioto. They advised us that the plates were small and best to share so we ordered 5 different plates- grilled razor clams, the Thai pork lettuce wraps, braised pork belly buns, Dan Dan noodles and asian braised soft tacos. The food was fun and delicious (my favorites were the tacos and the lettuce wraps) and we had a great time stuffing ourselves silly- no room for desert here!

After dinner we headed to the movie theater for the main event of the night- seeing The Hunger Games. I read this series months ago and have been anxiously awaiting the movie. After dragging Geoff to all the Twilight movies I could tell he wasn't as enthusiastic as myself but he did say he liked this one much better. I snuck in my usual movie watching treat (sour patch kids) and enjoyed the movie. I personally thought they did a good job making this movie. I loved the cast, it was entertaining and seriously heart breaking all in one. I always prefer books to the movies, but I was happy when it ended and seriously excited to see how they portray the next two books into film.

Did you see the movie and/or read the books? What did you think?

(I'm finally testing out the blogger app on my iPhone so if this is wonky- you now know why) :)

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