November 24, 2011


  I love Thanksgiving!!! I always have. The food, the family memories (good and bad), football games, the pumpkin pie!!! Yum!
  However, since I work in the airline industry- an industry that doesn't stop flying on any day- I am forced to miss holidays more often than not. This year is no exception. I will be working over Thanksgiving... flying to Cancun and overnighting in White Plains, NY. It's ok! We get in early and can have a Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel... and what's better is that I am flying with my husband!!! We get to have our first Thanksgiving together as the little family unit we are. :)

I thought in the spirit of the holiday, I would share a few things I am Thankful for this year...

-I am thankful to have a new job with a company I adore.
-I am thankful to be healthy and cancer free!
-I am thankful for my friends and family who have given us more support and love this year than I could ever imagine.
-I am thankful for my husband. Each day I am more and more happy to be married to him!
-I am thankful for out apartment in New Hampshire and the fact we get to drive to work again.
-I am so so thankful to be working at a growing base and the new hires that just came on line- you gave me Christmas off!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Feel free to share something you are thankful for with me!!! :)

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