November 15, 2011

Chicago Overnight (back to work)

I was lucky enough to snag another line for Novemeber... hello seniority!!! (I usually sit TOP of reserve and I am thisclose to having a line every month which I can not wait for that day to happen!!!) Anyways I was able to trade into a 3 day trip with a long Chicago overnight downtown. Not bad for my first trip back after the wedding & move. :)

We got into Chicago on Tuesday night in time for a drink, snack and then bed. I woke up pretty early the next morning and took advantage of the free internet at the hotel. My pilots called me to go to breakfast and when I got downstairs they had already ordered me a pumpkin coffee from the Starbucks in the lobby for our walk. Talk about a good crew!!!

We headed to The Original Pancake House and had pancakes. After that we walked around for a bit and then headed back to the hotel. It was pretty nice out in the morning but got colder and rainy as the day went on. I was determined to make it over to Millennium Park to see the "bean" so I grabbed my coat and umbrella and headed right back out into the cold. It's about a 15 minute walk down Michigan Avenue from our hotel and I passed right by this lovely lady on the way...

Once I made it to the park, I couldn't get over how beautiful the colors were. I LOVE fall- the leaves changing colors, the beauty, the cool crisp air.... but these colors blew me away!!!!

I made it! Finally. :) I took my time looking at all the amazing angles and reflections. I think the whole idea is real fun and as excited as I was, it totally lived up to what I was expecting. :)

I took a walk around the park to make sure I didn't miss anything (like these faces) and then I finally headed back to re-shower, warm up and get ready for my flight back to Boston.
It felt really good to know that after my flight I could just go to my car and drive home... I am glad I am no longer a commuter. :)

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

The picture of the trees all changing colors is amazing! I love the bright red peeking out from the back!

I've not been to the infamous bean yet! Hopefully some day!