August 10, 2011

White screen of death

I have to apologize for my absence.... We were working on our invitations and guest list last week for the wedding. My beloved Macbook froze so I restarted her and got the White Screen of DEATH! Nothing would happen... so I rushed her into the store and found out my whole Hard drive DIED! Ahhhh!

Most of my photos were backed up on an external hard drive (lucky for me) but the bulk of my wedding plans, ideas, lists, budgets... GONE!

So needless to say it's been quite the week. I have a new hard drive with more space and it feels like I have a whole new computer! I'm slowly getting her back up and running... so I apologize I've been MIA. :) I also had to reconstruct my whole Invite list so I could get my invitations in the mail... yikes!

I will have some photos up for you real soon though.

1 comment:

Jes said...

OH MY! I cannot imagine having to do all of that work over again!