September 16, 2010


I promise I will be back soon...

the movers have come and gone, our stuff is now in transit from NYC to Detroit and I am spending the weekend visiting friends in Columbus and cheering on my Buckeyes this weekend at the Ohio State Game.

All in all, life is busy....

Have a great weekend everyone!


Brittney said...

Good luck with the move! Totally jealous that you are going to the OSU game. I haven't been to one since I graduated :(

Joanna said...


We moved this weekend too and my husband has to be (conveniently) organizing the family room while the Buckeyes were on.

Hope things went smoothly for you!

The Friendly Skies said...


The move went pretty smoothly, thanks!

Brittney, It had been a while for me too! It was such a nice feeling to be back in the shoe... VERY hot though! :)