June 21, 2010

A post from my plane...

Dear Nantucket,

Oh how I miss you! Can I come back to your lovely little airport every day? See, when I am with you no one makes fun of me. No one asks the Flight Attendant where the real plane is. No one says how small I am. No one gets scared or mad. No one asks the pilots if I am safe and will make it 300 miles. My feelings don't get hurt and my self esteem squashed.

I am proud to be a jet! I am proud to fly people in and out of some of the busiest airports in the United States. I make More landings each day than a 747. Does that matter to passengers? Nope. I can hear everything they say and it hurts my feelings. But, Nantucket... when I land and pull up to your airport and my passengers see all the other aircraft sitting around... they don't complain at all. With you, I am one of the big guys. I feel proud, they talk about how glad they are to be flying with me! They do not even complain when we don't have a jet bridge. They smile, they laugh and they say thank you to my crews. Nantucket, you are the love of my life!



Brittney said...

Haha- nice post! My hubby has had a bunch of flights to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard in the last week or two! I'm so jealous, I love that area and he barely left the hotel (he's quite the slam-clicker). He said the Nantucket Airport literally looks like the set of Wings (the TV show). Good times :)

Girl on Raw said...

Great photo! I love it.

Oh and thanks so much for your contribution to my blog post discussion as well. Made for great reading!