May 27, 2010


Ok, so we made it there and back. I am always so sad when vacation is over because I always travel somewhere new and fall in love with the city. Prague was no different. It was relaxed and beautiful. It is friendly, easy to get around and has history (like most European cities do).

I finally uploaded all my photos to my computer. Apparently I took a lot more than I remembered. It might be a few days before I get through them all and post about my trip. Try and be patient... I know you all are jumping at the thought of it all. ;)
I will be entertaining you all with a few things that went on before the vacation but know the photos are coming.

Until then, here are a few sneak peaks of Prague! Enjoy.

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Postcards and Coasters said...

Isn't Prague the best! I need to get back there. Cant' wait to see more pics. I just got back from Costa Rica... also bummed my vacation is over so soon.