May 18, 2010

Get some sleep

I have never been a morning person, always a night owl! I love being a little senior at work and holding a later call window on reserve because I am much more alert working flights at 1 or 2 am then I am at 4 or 5 am.

However- I have a problem! I have trouble sleeping. Most nights I sleep good at home, in my own bed, the other nights I at least sleep ok (and I have the peace of mind knowing that I have a good cup of coffee once I stumble from my bed to the kitchen). On the road, it's anyones guess how I will sleep. It usually goes from bad to worse and then back to bad. Most of the time I have problems initially getting to sleep. Once asleep I will either awake throughout the evening or I will sleep lightly and awake feeling tired, sluggish and not well rested at all. This affects my day and in turn affects my life.

I've tried lots of things to aid myself in the guest for a good nights sleep. A few include-
-No TV 1 hour before bed
-Reading before bed
-Yoga class in the evening
-A hot bath or a hot shower
-Using eye masks, ear plugs and a relaxation pillow mist
-Warm glass of milk
-Hot cup of decaf green tea
-Meditation before bed
-Listen to soothing music
-Fall asleep to nature sounds of rain/ocean waves

The only thing that has repeatedly worked is to keep myself so busy throughout the day that I collapse onto my bed in a heap of exhaustion. The problem with this one is that sometimes I will get a 2nd wind before I fall into a deep sleep and then I', totally done for the night.

I polled Twitter to see what suggestions other Flight Attendants could give me...
-relaxation music on the ipod. Or just read any SEP manual
-I take melatonin and wear ear plugs. They block out the noise of the hotel/city and help me sleep better.
-Sex, After a good romp in the hay I sleep like a log. Oh yes I do.
-Have you considered Ambien and the like?
-Costco has 'sleep aid' nice mellow 5 hrs w/ no adverse effects. Earplugs a+ if needed

So, do you have trouble sleeping too? What tricks and suggestions do you use that might be able to help me win the battle and get a good nights sleep on the road and in my hotel rooms?

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