May 9, 2010

3 fun things to share

I realized that a lot of the things that I get real excited about get lost in my thoughts and I live happily knowing these things but I am always shocked when I realize that I haven't shared my little gems with the world.
So, here are 3 of my online loves right now that I wanted to share with you all!

1. mark. makeup. (my eboutique HERE)

The past few years I have been a Sephora junkie for the majority of my make-up. I have used Clinque for a long time (since high school) until I got turned onto Bare Minerals by one of my best friends.
Since moving to New York and having my rent, groceries expenses sky rocket (and don't get me going on the cost of going out for the night in NYC) I have been looking for small ways to "cut back". I thought make up was a good place to start.

Previously, most of the less expensive make up options I have tried have fallen short of my expectations. I've had the most luck with Covergirl but only with a handful of their products (Mascara anyone...)
In all my searching, somehow I ended up on the mark. webpage. After browsing the selection for a bit, I ordered a few things and when they arrived, I fell in love!

mark. is a part of the Avon company and it is pretty much geared towards "younger" women and really concentrate on current trends. However, I believe that this makeup can be worn at any age and is a very good product for the price it is offered at. I would even offer it to my mom if she ever decided to venture from her regular products. I am not going to say that I love everything that they sell because I haven't bought or used a lot of this products but I can tell you a few of my favorites.

-mark. Eye shadows
mark. made a customizable eye shadow container that is also reusable. The eye shadows snap in to the magnet and allow you to pick what colors you would wear and trade them out as you use them. I love the idea of this! Being able to hold as many as you want, customize and reduce waste.

-mark. hook ups.
This is an amazing idea and so great for saving space and those of us to travel. You can purchase two smaller items, such as a lip gloss and mascara or a concealer and a eye liner. Then they hook together with the hook up. Again, you can replace and switch out as often as you like. There is nothing out there like this that I have seen.

-mark. mix me bracelets
I totally have and love these!

-mark. go with the pro mini brush set
Omg, for the traveling flight attendant this set is heaven. The only thing that would perfect this is to make it an eco friendly brush, other than that I love throwing this into my purse.

I was so shocked that I hadn't come across mark. before now. But then again, I didn't know anyone who sold mark. and like Avon, it is not sold in stores, it is sold by a mark representative with their online store or through their magalogs (magazine catalogs).
I decided that I would become a representative myself and get the word out about this new makeup that I was using and loving! (What good is loving a product or company if you don't share, right?) The prices are affordable, they don't test on animals and you can return what you do not like. Score!
So, feel free to check out my store and if you have any questions I can tell you my honest opinion or the reviews of other mark. reps out there. I think this makeup is really fun and definitely sells itself.


I found Groupon through a friend on Facebook. She and I both live in NYC and the deal of the day was 2 weeks unlimited Yoga classes for $15. I took one look and thought "sign me up!" So, I did. Happily Groupon and I have been good friends ever since.

So, the basis of it is- They have a handful of cities (more being added all the time) and each day there is a coupon for restaurants, spa's, classes, paintball, flowers, etc. There is a minimum amount of people that need to buy the deal for the coupon to be good. Once they have x amount, everyone who signs up gets the deal.

I love it because I still feel new to NYC and I don't know all the places to go for things so this gets me out there trying new places and new things that I wouldn't have normally done. Best of all- I am doing these things for cheaper! Score!!!

My most exciting purchase to date is a 10 pack dance class that I can not wait to start!!!!

3. The Crew Lounge.

I know I have told you all about this one before but I want to put it out there again in case you are one of the few who has not checked this out!

Two of my fellow blogging Flight Attendant friends Bobby (his blog- Upupandagay) and Sara (her blog- The Flying Pinto)
got together and came up with the idea for a podcast all about Flying, Flight Attendants and all the issues that come with the job. Each week they have a panel of different Flight Attendants who discuss events in the airline industry, questions from listeners and just talk about the lifestyle of Flight Attendants (which is very different since it really is not just a job, it is a lifestyle!). With this podcast you get to hear about the up's and downs of different Flight Attendants working on all types of aircraft all over the world. There are similarities, differences and some really funny stories!

If you are new, start at week 1. I am sure you will be hooked and coming back for more. :) (Make sure to listen for me on week 2.)
I love learning about the lives of my fellow Flight Attendants and these podcasts keep me laughing during all of my ready reserve sits at the airport.

The Crew Lounge Podcast
The Crew Lounge on Twitter
The Crew Lounge Facebook Fan Page

So, there you have it! Go and check them out and please enjoy, because I sure am!!! :)

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