April 22, 2010

My best friend visits NYC.

So again, I have had a lag at blogging. I'm not going to lie, I've been swamped by my extra curricular activities. Running, Napping, Eating and host Fabulous visitors... This past weekend I had my BFF from college come and visit with her boyfriend. We had a fantastic time even though it was a bit too chilly for my liking and we had some subway troubles getting home from the city each night due to track work. I miss her so much when she is not here and I really wish I could clone her to keep one here in New York for when I need a Girlfriend! (Did I mention I live with 4 guys...)
Courtney is my airline companion but because it was around Spring Break time they decided to drive from Columbus, Oh to me in Forest Hills. They finally arrived on Thursday evening and we decided to stay local so we headed down to Austin Street to the Irish Pub to get some grub and beverages.

So Friday morning we all got up and ready for the day. Courtney, Mike and I headed down to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) because we had tickets for the Tim Burton special exhibition! I wish I had photos from the exhibit because it was so awesome but camera's weren't allowed.

We met Geoff afterwards as we hit H&M for some shopping and then headed down to Chinatown for dinner. YUM!

That evening, we decided to spend a night in with TV and some wine since we were all a bit tired.

Saturday morning, Geoff left bright and early for a trip. Courtney, Mike and I headed down to the Brooklyn Bridge to take some photos, then we walked over to Grimaldi's for some good pizza (it's right by the bridge but be prepared to wait at least an hour for a table inside... there is always a line!)

We headed out that evening to meet a friend from college for Tapas and a few drinks. After dinner we headed to a college bar, McSorley's Ale House (which is the oldest pub in NYC and quite the experience- bewarned though it closes at 1am) and some Russian KGB Vodka bar that was open way too late! Had some trouble with the trains on the way home so we didn't get in until 5am!!!

The next day we finally got ourselves going and headed back into the city for a tour of Ellis Island. We could have gotten tickets to both Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty but since you can go up to the top again, it is SOLD out Waaaaay in advance. (Beware of this if planning a trip to NYC- get as soon as you can). Anyways, we got in line, went through airport style security and headed onto the boat over to the Island. You get some pretty cool views of the City and Ms. Liberty as you go by!

After the tour we were starving and made our way to Katz Deli for some overpriced but good Pastrami sandwiches. It's worth the experience once or twice and the meat is real tender and delicious!

We had a lot more things on the list to do while they were in NYC but getting everything done in this huge and crazy city is impossible! However we did have a fantastic time and I got to experience some new things that I hadn't done in the city before!

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