March 7, 2010


Let me tell you two things I've learned about living in New York.

1.) In my apartment I don't control the heat. Some mystery "heat man" in my building does. For a girl that is usually cold all winter long, my apartment is hottttt. I'm not exactly complaining but sometimes i need to keep the windows open a crack to even out all the heat.

2.) The pigeons here are insane. Insane! We have a pigeon net on our patio. When we first moved in, honestly... I thought it was a bit ghetto looking. Now... I absolutely love it. I can't tell you all the times that those pesky birds have tried and tried to get through the net to our patio. It keeps them out of our apartment territory and we don't have to clean up after them!

So the other night, I was sound asleep with one of my bedroom windows cracked open. All the sudden I was awake and sitting up. I had heard a big thud and my lamp across the way was swaying. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in my room. My first thought was one that someone was in my room. I thought it might be one of my roommates but no one answered when I called out to them.
Then for some reason I thought maybe I had seen a squirrel jump in through the window. I jumped up and grabbed the flashlight swirling the light around and around the room. Nothing again. I knew I had seen something...

Then there was another thump on the window and a lot of movement. I flashed the light on and there it was-a pigeon. Flying right at the cracked window desperately trying to get into my room. It's head was trying to peek in at me which was really kinda freaky. It looked like a possessed bird and at 4 in the morning, that is exactly what I thought it was. I ran over, banged on the window to get it back, shut it closed and shut the curtains. No birds were getting into my room tonight.

Once I finally did get to sleep in my overheated room, I had a dream about flying around from place to place with all the pigeons.

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Emom said...

Oh Holy Cow! Yipes.....etc....smiles.