November 14, 2009

The Rockette's Christmas Spectacular!

The Christmas season has officially started for our apartment!!!!
On Friday, Geoff and I went to see the Rockette's Christmas Show at Radio City. It was the Opening show! We got a good deal on the tickets (GOOD seats!) and figured since this is our first Christmas together in New York and December always flies by... we might as well go now. We were there with a lot of gray haired old ladies and kids... which I should not have been surprised by since it was 11 am on a Friday.
We had breakfast at the local Chinese Bakery and headed down to the city early. I have a few photos from the show (you could take photos but no flash). I thought the show was very entertaining, especially since I used to dance, and would recommend going to see it if you have the chance!!!

There was a 3-D part of the show... hehe


Miss Always Carried Away said...

I love Xmas, I'm going home and I'll be celebrating my birthday and Xmas at home!!! so nice!!! Have a lovely Sunday Sweetie!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I love the Rockettes Christmas show!! I saw them at Radio City my freshman year of college, it was amazing! NYC at the holiday time is the best!