October 20, 2009

Thailand- post 1

Ok, so I am finally getting to all my Thailand photos. Again, I will probably split this up to go over a few posts since I tend to take and post more photos than needed. :)

So we decided to go back to Thailand... Geoff, myself and his two friends Geoff and Rachel. We met up in Bangkok. It took forever to get there again... Cincinnati to Detroit to Nartia to Bangkok...

I learned something new in the Tokyo this time around. In the women's restroom, they have toilets (not all so you have to look in the stalls for these) that have different buttons you can push for Extra's like heated toilet seat and a flushing sound to fill the air while you do your business. I thought it was the most fun bathroom experience (I think the jet lag may have also added to this).

Once we got in and caught a cab (it was almost midnight) we met up with Geoff and Rachel, had some drinks and food, checked into the hotel and got a few hours of sleep.

The next day, we got up and spent a little bit of time at the roof top pool at our hotel. We were staying on the same street as we did last time (Khao San Road) and the two Geoff's walked down and got tickets for a sleeper train for that night.

That afternoon we walked around a bit, got lunch and headed to the train station. We had decided this time to head out to an island, a bit down the coast, Ko Samui. To get there we took a 12 hour train, a 2 hour bus ride, a 1 1/2 hour ferry to a 1/2 hour taxi ride to get to Lamai Beach and our hotel.

The train ride there was pretty easy going. (Not so much on the way home, but that is a different story!) We get on the train, they have dinner served and then at night the train attendant (not quite as amazing as us flight attendants... hehe) came around and set up the beds for us. We all laid down, slept and then had breakfast in the morning before arriving and all transferring to the bus and then the boat. We were very excited to finally be at the island and get to the beach area we decided to stay at.

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Sky High Boy said...

lovely pics although the train ride looks rather... interesting!