October 16, 2009

My tan is fading but my attitude is not.

Hi everyone!

So as you might be able to tell from a few earlier posts, my life has been one whirlwind after another these past few weeks. Thailand, work, pack, move, work, unpack, work, reccurrent, girls weekend trip, work... I've had zero time to do much of anything.

I started a 4 day trip yesterday and right now I am sitting in the cafe in my hotel in Syracuse, drinking a huge cup of coffee, catching up on emails and blogging. My day yesterday was long and cold but, it went really well. I flew to Nashville and had an air traffic control delay of an hour heading back to JFK. Luckily, no one missed their connections and Everyone was super nice to me. :) (Always fantastic). Heading on our last flight to Syracuse, it was raining and the line to take off looked pretty long. It took us 50 minutes to taxi out for a 42 minute flight. Again, everyone was nice.

It always boggles my mind how you can have bad weather, delays, etc. and some days passengers are fantastic and other days they are horrid. I always contribute it to two things, the group of people that are on my plane and most importantly, MY own mindset for the day. I can tell a huge difference in myself on day 6 compared to my first day back after a few days off.

I think here in the US, we do not take time off, vacations and long weekends as seriously as we should. Most people are overworked, stressed out and miserable. They complain that they can't take that vacation because of this reason or that... I think my whole life is like a vacation and that is why I do the job I do. I take time off very seriously myself. I think it rejuvenates me, makes me a better friend, employee, it also expands my view on the world and tolerance for people who are different than myself. I've seen what stress has done to a few of my family members and it is a very bad thing to let control your life!!! It doesn't have to be a big trip (even though those are my favorites), it can be a day at the park, or a girls day to get mani/pedi's.

This being said, my mental state right now is in a very good place. Last weekend, I took a Girls trip down to Fripp Island, SC with a few of my best friends. Vacations with my family and Geoff are nice, but there is something about Girl time with your besties that can do wonders to your life. I love my girlfriends and am very thankful that we can all make time for each other and a trip like this. Here are a few fun photos from the weekend.

My girlfriends!

Now, you should all go put away your To-Do Lists for one day. Turn off the computers and cell phones (I know this is hard for all my fellow bloggers) and call a friend, two, ten and go do something.
Even if you cant take a whole weekend together, even if they are far away... your friends can be a mental vacation for each of us. Enjoy them!

I hope this lasts through the rest of my trip!!! :)

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Sky High Boy said...

hehehe looks like such a fun weekend esp since you've been so busy!!
And how funny is that pic with the girls in the kitchen! hehe