September 24, 2009

Back home... for now.

First, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and sent me a congrats on my Flight Attendant anniversary date! It's always exciting because you get a raise (duh, who doesn't like more money) but especially for me because I have had vacation each year during this same week. So far I have celebrated my raise in Barcelona, China and now Thailand. Fun times! The perk of working in the skies I guess.

Thailand was amazing again. This times we spent a night in Bangkok and then took a night train to a bus to a ferry and arrived on the island of Koh Samui. (More on this later once I get throught all my photos). It was hard to leave because vacation was over and I came home to a mess of moving and photoshopping the photos from the wedding I shot.

We made a huge run to Ikea yesterday (I love that we have one in Cincinnati now!) and bought tons of things and of course had lunch there. Have you tried their meatballs? It is a must. Geoff and I barely had any real furniture before this move... mine belonged to my mom and I had to sadly return it to her... and Geoff, well, let's say he is still in his college days of plastic containers and an air mattress. Seriously. I am really excited to have some new things for the new apartment, especially a dresser and bed side tables. YAY! Exciting.

We have tomorrow to finish getting everything ready and then the movers come on Friday. I can't believe it.

The Wedding I shot the day before we left went as good as I expected. Everyone was so nice and it was a lovely outdoor wedding with beautiful weather. I loved where they decided to have the ceremony except for the fact that the person who designed this must not have been a photographer. The wedding party stood with the sun behind them... kind of a photographers lighting nightmare... but we rocked it out.

Once I get these photos all done and photoshopped, I am working on getting a real photographers website up and running. I am very very very excited about this. I think it will help me a lot and make things so much easier. I also hope it might get me a few more gigs on the side as well!
(Don't worry I will definitely be asking for your advice on how you like it!)

As of tomorrow I will be pretty much homeless for a week and then I will have many a post about my new home. :) Hopefully I have a few more posts about flying. Seriously I have not working a flight yet this month... I've only been on call and sat ready reserves (aka airport standby) but next month I got a LINE!!!! (Happy dance here)

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