August 20, 2009

my RV

Are you on Twitter yet? I'm on twitter... I have a new name since my old one locked me out... well and lets be honest... I never really got on either.


There are quite a few Flight Attendants twittering away at all hours of the day and night. A lot of them are also fellow bloggers. :)
One blogger upupandagay put out a call for us to all show our Rv's... our mobile homes that we carry around with us through cities, hotels and even countries.

Here is my standard. I pack 3 bags. A lot I know! My rollarboard has what you would guess in it... clothes, make-up, all the necessities that a girl requires.
I have my flight bag with all my required equipment, my laptop, books, ipod, magazines, and my medicine cabinet. :)
The last one is my food bag. I pretty much always pack food! I don't like eating all my meals out because then I don't really know what I am putting in my body and it's expensive. I pretty much just pack a breakfast and lunch for each day of my trip and eat dinner wherever I am. It's worked for me thus far for almost 3 years...

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Deva84 said...

wow! 3 huge bags! probably I would do the same... I have the same feelings towards food. I prefer to do my meals myself coz then I know what I eat. At least for me it's very important... and much cheaper!

bisous. deva.

p.s. what's your direction mostly? do you have special places/timing you go?