May 28, 2009

My internal clock broke...

We made it back from Bangkok! I'm going through all my photos as I type and will have some up asap. I slept wayyy too late today and am using my one day at home to upload photos and do "normal things" like laundry, cleaning and cooking. I hope I have gotten myself back on US time and will conquer the jet lag quickly since I got back to work for 6 days tomorrow. (2 and a 4 day back to back).

Before I write about how great our trip was, I wanted to share some photos from my day walking around NYC a few weeks ago. I meant to post these earlier but we had some internet problems at my crashpad and then I was off flying around the world! :)
It was gorgeous outside and I didn't have anything to do so I walked all the way down Broadway from Times Square to Chinatown just enjoying the day!

( I had to capture this billboard since it was Ed Westwick who I saw in JFK that morning... hehe)

I got lots of good snacks from the bakery in Chinatown! I could eat around here everyday!

I loved how Gray's has the "recession special! I had to stop and get some dogs.

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Meekiyu said...

Love NYC =D I'm glad you had so much fun traveling to Bangkok and to nyc! Hope to see more pictures of both. Bangkok must've been so cool... since I live in NYC I think I'm use to it's uber coolness...