March 25, 2009

Simply the Best

With all that has been going on this past year with the Economy and especially the airline industry, the "air" around my airlines crew lounges have been less than wonderful. Sitting Ready Reserve at the airport has always been my least favorite assignment to do... but when everyone around me is talking gloom and doom, it makes it unbearable. Apparently I am not the only one who noticed the plummet in morale the past few months. Even though we were given flying out of New York which saved about a hundred jobs (mine included)- most people see it as a bad thing. Either their base is being moved, their trips get worse or they fall back on reserve. Me, I'm just thanking my lucky stars to still have a job I enjoy whether it be in New York or Cincinnati.

So, the Inflight department decided to put out a "training program"/Party to help morale, explain where we are heading into the rest of the year and announce some uniform improvements. :) It was voluntary, and you got paid. I attended Monday night with a few friends and excluding how boring the Finance speaker was, it was a pretty good time. Oh, did I mention that my supervisors served us drinks and dinner in uniform with the beverage carts AND we had a special guest of Tina Turner (not real Tina but one of our flight attendants who is very famous for his drag performance- yup thats right.) The message to all us Flight Attendants was that we are "Simply The Best". I think it applies to all Flight Attendants out there. Especially in this economy, handling all our passengers through the weather and delays, the frustrations, emergencies and the occasional perfect flight... I think how we do our jobs day in and day out makes us all Simply the Best!

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The Flying Pinto said...

Sounds like you work for great people! You're always going to get people who see the best and people who see the worst in a situation. You seem like you roll with the punches and make the best of everything: )

I love that you had "Tina" How cool is that!!! Simply the Best: )Great post!