February 28, 2009

where did Feb go?

So I just realized that tomorrow is March. How did this happen? I don't really know where my Feb. went!!! I have been such a slacker at updating my blog. I am sorry! I will try and do better! I promise. Please keep reading me. :)

So I'll recap somethings that I have been meaning to blog.
School- It's going well, sucks up a lot of my free time (probably my blogging time). Apparently I am better at drawing and painting than I thought, or at least what my teacher tells me.

Work- We got more flying hours!!!! YAY! They have been threatening more furloughs for moooonths now and I actually have hope that I will be able to keep my job for the rest of the year. YAY!!!! I have a really good schedule for March so double yay! :)

Next weekend starts Spring Break and I am going on a 3 night cruise! You will see photos from that trip. I can not wait!!!

Last weekend Geoff and I went to Seattle for his bday to visit with his brother and wife and eat a loooot of food. We had Pho, All you can eat Japanesse, Dim Sum, Pho again and Moroccan. YUM! The only bad thing was squeezing into my jeans for the flight home.

These aren't from this past time in Seattle, but a few to remember. I hear it rains there, but I seem to always catch blue skies. :)

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The Flying Pinto said...

Where did it go? I guess 28 days had something to do with it: ) Glad to hear from you..looks like you had a fun month, I love Seattle! I always seem to catch the blue skies there too...maybe they're fooling us about the rain?