January 12, 2009

Christmas, New Years and back to the blog

So for anyone who follows me on here, you probably have noticed that i have been a huge slacker lately... so sorry! The holidays and my insane work schedule knocked me right out of blogger world. But I'm finally picking up the pieces and getting it all back together...

So here's how my life has been.

In the middle of December I flew a two day trip with one day off. Then a three day trip with one day off, then a four day trip (ending on my bday) with one day off (Christmas), then a three day trip... ugggh.
On my Birthday we flew from Dallas to Cincinnati and then had a Tampa turn. The gate agents in Cincinnati found out it was my birthday and told every single passenger. So needless to say- every single passenger while boarding told me happy birthday. I think I was as red as the scarf around my neck.

I made it home and met Geoff, my parents and brother Kyle all out for a late dinner. Heaps of places were closed that evening so we went ethnic to help the search and ended up at Cafe Istanbul in Newport. It was super good and I would def. go back again!

Geoff surprised me with a birthday cake from Cold Stone- my favorite!!! Birthday Cake Remix Birthday Cake. Yuuuummy!!! It was so so good!

That night we went to my old church to the Christmas Eve service at 11pm. Then we went back to my parents for my presents.
Back in the morning for Christmas. I was so glad to be off and see all my family that day! As tradition, after opening up all the presents at home, we headed up to Dayton to visit with my Great Aunt. I love this part of the day- she is so cool and so much fun to see!

We had a great Christmas filled with family and hanging out. Geoff even got to stay for the majority of the day until he had to go to work that evening. :)

New Years Eve was kinda low key this year. All of my girl friends and I were in different places which is kinda weird. So a bunch of us airline people got together and had a party! It was good fun and I was again very happy to be home.

So... now that its all over, I'm trying to get into the groove of 2009! I have a theory that all bad things happen on even number years, so it's looking like its going to be a good year. (Knocking on wood) I have been working on some New Years Goals (or since I just read "4 hour work week"- Dreamlining) and here is what I am working on for the first part of 2009...

1.) Running the half marathon in The Flying Pig, May 3rd 2009.
I've been talking about this for a while now. So I'm joining a training group to help keep me motivated. I will be keeping you all up to date on how I am doing!

2.) Photo weekend with BFF Courtney
We are trying to keep ourselves motivated in our own photography (since once you get out of uni and into a job that seems to be the first to go) May be in March... if not the scheduled weekend, we will fly somewhere and take photos ourselves.

3.) Girls Trip to the Beach.
We talk about it, but this year it is happening! It has to. All my single girlfriends need a vaca and I would love to be there with them. Possibly Mexico, but basically where ever the flights look good.
Also, trying to talk my mom into heading back to Mexico with me to become a certified scuba diver... in the works, i think she is beginning to break!

4.) Apartment hunting.
I will be moving sometime in April-ish, need to get my butt in motion

5.) Begin writting my book.
I have wanted to be a published author for all of my life. Now is a good of time as any so why not start...

Those are top 5 right now that I am starting on. I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much since I am flying as much as possible and I am a part time student starting tomorrow. (Painting and Drawing here I come).


Meekiyu said...

wowzer that's a whole lot of trips... glad you had a great holiday and birthday! Those pictures are plenty proof of the fun! Hmmm ice cream cake! Great to do's for 2009... I hope you the best for the new year!! =D

The Flying Pinto said...

Hey,Thanks...I'm getting back on track. Looks like you had a great X-mas and B-day...good luck with your 2009 goals, and hang in there with the December schedule....a few more years and you'll be home free! I worked 2 trips in December and they were both before the 18th: )

Melissa said...

Megan- Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I'm so glad you check in :). I just took a peek around your blog and Etsy shop- your travel photos are awesome! You have the *perfect* job for photography. You also have some really exciting goals for 2009 . . . good luck! I'll be sure to check back!