November 28, 2008

Hugs, Turkeys and other such things.

First of all, Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day!!! I had to work (sad face here) but I got off 2 hours early- in time to hang out with the family (cousins and all) for a bit so it worked out in the end.

Today I came back to work to start a 4 day trip. Very hard day, we flew from Cincinnati to Huntington WV, all of a 20 minute flight. So we get up in the air and I make my little anouncy-nouce about electronic devices and seat belt signs. I end with my regrets telling everyone 20 minutes is just too short to do a service so feel free to ring the call button if they need something. The guy in row 1- like 3 feet from me reaches up and rings it. Seriously? This has never happened. So I just leaned forward, what can I get you sir? For freaking real he tells me a double Jack and diet. i stare at him in disbelief for a second just to be sure he isn't joking. He cant really need a hard drink on a 20 minute flight especially not a double. He stares back, not smiling and then he shoves a $20 in my hand, puts down his tray table and puts his earbuds back in his ears.

So because I know the airlines love peoples money and I had nothing else to do, I got up and made him the best double Jack and diet we had and served it with a smile. I thought he might need it since he couldn't make it 20 minutes without a stiff one!
When I open the door and turn to let everyone off after we land, there we was, arms outstretched waiting to envelope me in the most akward hug I've ever been given by a passenger. Everyone else on the plane seemed to get a laugh out of it getting off the plane. I've gotten my share of business cards on the plane but that was my first hug.

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Kerri said...

Crazy in love with your pics on Etsy! Just ordered a picture of The Great Wall. Our youngest was born in China so it will be a great "family" gift for Christmas! Love the blog! The posts about crazy and her husband had me rolling on the floor! Blessings!