October 10, 2008

I opened shop

Ok everyone, I have been planning and thinking about doing this for a while now... pretty much ever since i found this site- I opened my own Etsy shop. I don't have a lot listed yet and only a handful of people have looked, but I plan on promoting the crap out of it! Since I am blessed with the ability (and drive) to travel all over and since I take a million photos everywhere that are just sitting on my computer and on my own walls- I wanted to share the love.
I hope if you do read this blog, then you at least check out the site. It is an online community of artists and crafters who enjoy what they do and are trying to turn it into something more. You can have your own shop and get your stuff out there, in the world.
Since our economy isn't doing so hot either, you can "Buy Handmade" this holiday season and support artists from the US or your own city (or wherever you are from) instead of buying from a chain store where the goods probably were made from china and shipped over. This will give you and the artists a warm and fuzzy feeling since you are doing your part!

Ok thats my plug! I would love to hear some feedback on my store, or what you think at all...


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