July 4, 2008

Mexico- Part 1

I have been such a slacker posting on here, so I'm now trying to catch up on my travels... so I think I'll start with Vacation back in April!
My mom and I had a few days off together, so we hopped a flight down to Mexico. We flew (on Comair- yay us) down to Cancun, hung around until Deb and Jim picked us up for the hour ride south to their home in Paamul. Paamul is this little community of RVer's who either reside in Mexico for a part of the year, or have retired and moved. The houses are called Palapa's and they are little huts that you can drive an RV right up into. They have kitchens and bathrooms and most are beautiful. Here was our home for the week...

We got settled in and Jim and Debbie took us down the road to their beach. It was not crowded at all and absolutely gorgeous!

They had a party to go to that evening, so my mom and I made dinner, hung out on the balcony and took a walk on the beach. From the balcony, you can see the ocean and also the dive shop thats right in front of their place. It is run by a guy who loves to teach people to dive, what a life right?

The next day, we went to one of the Mayan Ruins at Xcaret

Since it was a pretty big area, we decided to rent the bike guys to take us around!

The rest to come...

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