August 12, 2007

California trip

Courtney and I decided that we were in need for a quick trip out to California to relax and also squeeze in a school tour of Brooks. The morning after Shannons Bachlorette party, we hopped in our cars and quickly made it to Cincinnati. We should have slept in and taken our time since we didnt get on any of our flights... but we had a great time together hanging out around terminals B and C.
The next morning waiting to get to denied to LAX again, we quickly spotted a flight to Orange County and got on that one! After quickly cancelling the rental car, we were off to Cali! YAY!
When we landed, we headed over to get a small map to head us in the direction of Los Angeles and then a rental car. Courtney got a little excited by all the brochures.

Orange County was about an hour south of LA (we needed to get to Santa Barbara about 90 miles north) But instead of being discouraged by the added distance, we decided to take in a few more beaches we would not have gotten to see. Laguna Beach was about 10 miles away so we drove there and stopped at a few others on the way.

We grabbed lunch and then decided we had wasted enough time running around the beaches and finally really hit the road. We had a few options but took the scenic tour on the Pacific Coast Highway on the way to LA.

Closer to the city, we hit some major traffic, guess something you have to deal with in the big city... finally we made it pass all the vans full of Mexicans and the daily pissed off commuters, and headed towards Santa Barbara.

We finally made it (without a map) to Santa Barbara, state street and a place to stay for the evening.

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