March 16, 2007

Las Vegas Vacation!

After hopping our flight a night early (to ensure we got there)- we arrived in 'Sin City', aka Las Vegas! Concentrating on walking up and down the strip and taking in the city lights (versus spending all our money to the slot machines) we got a lost in the excitement and buzz of everyone around us.
Staying in the Aladdin on the strip, it was not hard to find our way around. Just walk outside and either turn left or right.

We walked down near the end (or you could call it the begining of the strip to Manadalay Bay

Luxor was one of my favorite of the hotels. Inside was amazing- a must see if you ever go to Vegas.

Front entrance

View by the tracks that lead you to Excaliber and New York, New York.

Inside New York, New York. A lot of yummy places to eat in here. I did turn my dads $5 into $15 at the slots... that was the most I won all week!

We snuck this great view out of the hotel.

Lady Liberty and the Skyline. Almost made me feel at home again...

Aladdins entrance up into the casino.

We decided to be adventurous and walk all the way from Aladdins to the Stratosphere. Make sure you have on some good walking shoes, cause its a hike. Frontier was home of the best $1.99 margarita we could find!

View from atop the Stratosphere. I highly recommend going up. I would of loved to try out one of the 3 rides they have up top but someone was too chicken to do it with me! hehe.

Ruins of the Stardust. I love how this one turned out.

The Wynn hotel. Lovely casino inside and a car haven for all the guys out there... we checked out all the Ferrari's. Very cool!

You can check out how far we walked to the Stratosphere in the distance.

I Loved the Flamingo!!!! Definitly one of my favorite hotels to explore. They have a nature preserve outside with flamingos and fish. (They used to have penguins too but they have been moved to Texas....)

Paris at night... beautiful.

Celebration of the Chinesse New Years were allll over on our visit. This was part of the display inside the Bellaggio.

Of course, you have to see the Fountian that dances along the music every 15 minutes or so. I was captivated by it everytime. Who knew that water could be so mesmerizing?

We had a great time exploring... I can not wait to come back for more Vegas fun!


Okie said...

Fabulous pix...thanks for sharing. :)

Shannon said...

Big, this is a wonderful way to post your travels! I love all the pictures, and I can see the wonderful places you've been! Keep posting, and hopefully you'll still visit Xanga now and then to comment on mine. :-) Love you!